Managed Firewall Services

Managing firewalls and other security devices is resource intensive and requires a high-level of expertise.  Staffing and continual training in security is not cost effective for most small to medium sized organizations.

Implementing security products like Firewalls, Intrusion Prevention Systems, and other security products are not one time projects but require ongoing support, monitoring, and maintenance.  Expertise needs to be maintained and continual monitoring and tuning must be performed.  Without the proper care and feeding these systems have proven to be very ineffective and violate due diligence and due care tenants.  Further, for publically traded companies and organizations working with regulated businesses or the government, lack of attention to these systems violate standards and regulations.

We have more than 20 years experience operating secure networks.  Let TruFire manage your day to day security headaches.  We maintain the right expertise and are continually educating our staff on new and evolving threats.

How it works

During the initial implementation our experts will work with your staff to identify the needs of your organization, we will perform a discovery and security assessment of your network to map vulnerabilities.  This assessment will then be used to implement and tune the appropriate firewall technologies and active IPS and threat mitigation mechanisms.  Your firewalls will be monitored 24×7 for uptime and threat activity.

Threat and Activity reporting will be available via our customer portal so you can see our services at work.

A penetration test will be performed after the initial install to guarantee everything is correctly implemented.  We will then conduct a similar vulnerability assessment and penetration test on a quarterly basis.

Finally, we will work with your staff via our Change Management System to track any changes and provide an approval and review process to guarantee that due diligence and due process are followed at all times.

Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment

Testing is an important aspect of confirming the design and operation of your environment. Penetration testing and Vulnerability assessments are conducted throughout the continual process of operation and improvement.

Network assessment and design

How do you know your network is secure? Security must be built into your design and testing must be performed. We adhere to the best thinking in the industry from sources such as NIST and the SANS institute. We utilize the Cisco Network Foundation Protection methodology to build a comprehensive network solution.

Comprehensive IT Security program design, development, and maintenance

TruFire can assist your organization in the development or improvement of your IT Security practice. We have decades of experience in sound methodology coupled with a broad range of experience. Let us help you define what IT Security means to your organization, what continued operations in the face of a disaster requires, and how to protect your business.